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Study on the impact of recent developments in digital advertising on privacy, publishers and advertisers

This comprehensive study has provided compelling evidence to support the urgent need for reform of digital advertising. Individuals, publishers and advertisers alike have come to realize that the status quo of data collection, tracking, and massive-scale profiling is detrimental to data protection rights, security, democracy, and the environment. Counterintuitively, even as these practices become increasingly commonplace, independent studies suggest that their effectiveness is relatively insignificant compared to other digital advertising models which do not rely on such methods – suggesting a detriment to those players who lack extensive knowledge into people’s online behavior and activities. The current state of affairs has also created an accountability crisis as users are overwhelmed by the complexity of navigating various companies in order to control what ads they are exposed to. Additionally, loopholes in the existing regulatory framework could permit many of the aforementioned dangers to remain unchecked. It is thus essential to prioritize transparency and accountability, enable individuals with greater management of how their personal data is utilized for digital advertising, and take necessary steps to circumvent any obstacles that impede marketers and publishers in becoming familiar with their target audience.

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