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The primary aim of project is to create a GDPR and data protection hub, to collect guidance, news and resources for data protection officers (DPOs) and everyone else interested in privacy and data protection.

GDPRbuzz is a living project – more resources and functionality is added constantly. There are still many functionality and parts to be added, but we’ll get there later. At the moment we focus on core functionality – serving as a hub for documents, tools and information regarding GDPR and data protection.

We hope you will find the project useful and help it grow – by adding resources and spreading the word. Please submit links to resources that may be useful to others interested in privacy and data protection, as well as any comments or suggestions you have.

Who is behind

The project is initiated and run by privacy lawyer and GDPR expert Atis Gailis. In his daily work as data protection officer for international group of companies he needed a repository of all guidance that was issued by supervisory authorities, law firms and experts, because googling for it each time just was not working.

Atis Gailis works with data protection on daily bases. As an DPO for group of multinational companies he encounters daily shifts in concepts of GDPR, as well as differences in application of GDPR in member states. Therefore this project helps to keep knowledge together and comes handy when it is necessary to explore specific aspects of European privacy law.

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