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  1. Melissa W.
    January 14, 2021 @ 16:20

    Second breach in 2 years and I care nothing about customers. That are safety or security and they also let zelle which is the worst I’ve ever seen have no fraud protection rip customers off out of money. Zelle is used for buying goods online as well as paying bills or friends or what not. They claim That they don’t cover goods online. Yet why did they offer it then it’s a part of the service to pay for goods and services? Just another way they can screw you out of money. Well this person has had enough of that and when the class action lawsuit comes out for those of us that were affected, I am filing because I’m tired of my information being breached. I have over $1300 in there and they can not legally tell you you can not access your funds. I am withdrawing everything out and suing both them and zelle if they do not want to cooperate and return my stolen money. Worst bank I have ever had.


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