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Opinion 08/2024 on Valid Consent in the Context of Consentor Pay Models Implemented by Large Online Platforms

Opinion of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) presents an in-depth analysis of the “consent-or-pay” model, a concept that intertwines the granting of consent for data processing with the requirement to pay for services. By analyzing this relationship, the EDPB aims to scrutinize the potential ramifications of such a mechanism on data protection and privacy rights of individuals. Through a detailed examination, the document seeks to provide clarity on how organizations can navigate the balance between obtaining valid consent and offering services that require payment.

Moreover, the EDPB’s exploration of the “consent-or-pay” approach offers valuable guidance and recommendations for businesses and service providers operating within the European Union on aligning their practices with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By dissecting the complexities of this model, the document may contribute to enhancing the understanding of legal and ethical considerations surrounding consent mechanisms in conjunction with commercial transactions. Overall, the document serves as a significant resource for stakeholders seeking to comprehend the evolving landscape of data privacy regulations and their practical implications on service delivery and user consent paradigms.

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