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Generating Harms: Generative AI’s Impact & Paths Forward

As the newest generation of generative Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALL-E enter the consumer market, vast swaths of uncertainty hang overhead. EPIC’s newest report — entitle Generating Harms: Generative AI’s Impact & Paths Forward — sheds light upon these hidden shadows of doubt by elucidating the multifarious injuries that can be inflicted by these technologies. In the shadows of these potential wrongs— ranging from information fabrication to data theft — lies a labyrinth of historic challenges to privacy, racial justice, transparency, and economic justice. To help guide readers through this treacherous landscape of harm, the report contains a veritable cornucopia of case studies, examples, and detailed strategies for reform. An Appendix of Harms is also included, designed to equip readers with the necessary lexicon to traverse this new world of generative A.I. technology.

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