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UN Guide on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies for Official Statistics

This document delves into privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) that can mitigate potential risks associated with using sensitive and confidential data. National Statistics Offices (NSOs) are accountable for leveraging data that has the potential to propel further innovation, enhance service-provisioning, and maximize social welfare.

Simultaneously, cyber threats have been on the rise, complex networks of intermediaries voraciously acquiring sensitive info, and continued progress in methods of re-identifying individuals by linking multiple datasets. If a data breach were to occur, it could ruin public faith and bring about grave consequences for both individuals, groups, and communities. Within this document, we focus on PETs that guard data during analysis and dissemination, so the advantages of utilizing said data for official statistics are materialized while also safeguarding the privacy of those entrusting NSOs with their sensitive information.

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