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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Audits

As technological advances continue to revolutionize our daily lives, the potential risks associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) must not be overlooked. We recognize the numerous benefits AI can promote, yet we understand that it can also bring about adverse consequences for individuals and their rights. Because of how AI systems are created and utilized, personal information is at risk of being processed in uniquely unconventional manners; this makes it difficult for the public to grasp when and how rights are applicable to data safeguarded by AI, in addition to the challenges of establishing reliable methods for users to exercise said rights.

To respond to these issues, the Information Commissioner’s Office has devised a framework for inspecting AI, emphasizing sound practices to ensure compliance with data protection principles – this applies whether you develop your own system, use a special AI service or employ a bespoke solution from an external vendor. The Assurance department of ICO is responsible for carrying out the audits.

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